Prepairing for the pelgrimage

Prepairing for the Khumba Mela Pelgrimedge

Prepairing for the Khumba Mela Pelgrimedge

Rob Deut is getting ready to do a pelgrim journey with Nikos ,another spritual brother and tattoo-artist ,painter and globe trotter ,from this day on this blog will be a mix from tattoo inspired blog posts and the Shadu style road trip to the largest gathering of humans on Mother Earth the Khumba Mela in Ujjain India ,Rob and Nikos will fly into Nepal ,and with a first glimpse of the Holy Himalaya mountain burned on their eyes starting the long journey to Ujjain in India ,by foot ,camel ,donkey and all other meanings that will bring them closer to their destination ,the idea is to travel so light and without any luggage no other than a camera, some handpoke tattoo sticks and a toothbrush ,to mingle into the whole circus that,s rolling down to Ujjain ,they will preform as street artists both drumming and tattooing their way ,seeing where that will bring them ,many holy places will be visited and after Khatmandu ,next big stop will be Varenassi in India ,where most Shadu”s have their home base when not travelling around ,close to the holy Ganga river wich the whole Khumba mela is based on ,so if your,e interested in the” Two man’s Sacred Journey” u can check out the facebook page with the same name “Two man and the sacred journey “. And /or visit this blog once in a while ,we will put photoos here of previous gatherings and upcoming gatherings and interesting matters . So stay in tune ! Boyakhaaa

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