Prepairing for the pelgrimage

Rob Deut is getting ready to do a pelgrim journey with Nikos ,another spritual brother and tattoo-artist ,painter and globe trotter.

Kalinga influences in Koh Samet Thailand

During my stay on the beautiful island Koh Samed located in the Gulf of Thailand tattooed Noina a old time friend who runs her own business there and a good place to visit in Au Nuan at top of the hill good place for a cool drink or some local made food ,Noina is a big "tribe tattoo" fan ,and at first we came up with a Polynesian , Maori kind a design ,but after she showed me the picture of the female Kalinga tribe tattoo artist from the Philippines ,we headed in another direction ,and because she lives practically next to the sea we choose sea connected symbolism from the Kalinga Tribe ,such as turtle shell ,waves ,rocks, bird tracks,fish ,lizzard and the fear off many people, the Centipede , those creatures crawl around at night and u be sorry if u encounter one ,the bite is very painful and a lifelong reminder , after i started drawing on her leg it took a few hours to get around the leg ,and it was after a few hours of inking enough for the day ,to be continued !